Technological Evolution vs Biological Evolution

Bimimicry doesn't work because humans have differences between natural evolution. What differences?

Idea: Neuroplasticity may enable us to create a “course” to retrain ourselves to generate non-rivalrous games. Education is key. We need to train enough adult humans to create a safe haven and train new humans (kids) in the new ways.

Peaceful cultures got killed by warring cultures, so we need a new system that integrates rivalrous and non-rivalrous abilities. Albeit we're currently very biased toward rivalrous, so the right way will seem non-rivalrous.

Because of this, individuals of a species can affect the entire planet as opposed to other animals who are constrained to their local area.

Evolution is meta-stable because nothing in the system can evolve 1000x faster.

Tech is metacognitive meaning humans can use Decomposition / Modularization and markets to evolve tech wa faster


Tech that evolves tech exponentially